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Are you looking to build upon your Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and Theology? Or perhaps you are engaged in pastoral work and seeking to deepen your theoretical insights? Where better than at DTC, where theology has been taught and practised for nearly 30 years? DTC’s Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies has always acted as a think tank within the Christian community.

Everyone has an opinion on religion, but few people can interpret this complex phenomenon accurately. This Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree programme trains you to become a specialist in religion and culture.

This course is about searching for traces of meaning in everyday practices, and to look beyond traditional forms of religiosity.

Learning Path

  • 5 O levels including English
  • A good first degree in a relevant area.

Students may choose to specialize in one of the following areas:

  1. Biblical Studies (Old Testament of New Testament)
  2. Church History
  3. Church and Society
  4. Ministerial Studies (Christian Education or Church Administration or Evangelism or Homiletics or Pastoral Care and Counselling or Worship)
  5. Religion and Philosophy
  6. Theology
Register with DTC and Africa University.
  • AU has a straight forward online application process < HERE >
  • Send copy (printout) of your AU application form to [email protected] as you will need to be co-registered by DTC
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